Why My Talent Africa Movement is in Nyakuleng'a Community: Zambia

*_Why My Talent Africa Movement is in Nyakuleng'a Community_* .

Nyakuleng'a community is one of the largest community village in North Western province. The community is know for fish, cassava, sweet potatoes and bush meat.

Before the coming of the British, the community was an idol worship center for various communities. With the coming of missionaries, the community adopted the Christian way of doing things.

The people in the community are ruled by a chieftainess known as Nyakuleng'a meaning Creator. And surely, most of the things that are done in this community are out of people creation.

The community has abundant of natural resources such as fish, minerals, timber etc...but still live in poverty. Sports in this community is one of the most respected and talented game.
The community is also on the list of HIV/AIDS, TB, CANCER Malaria and other related diseases.
In terms of technology, the people are behind technology and computer literacy. There are high levels of early marriage with low school completion turn.

Thus as a local person,My talent Africa...we are creating a platform to bring health living styles, skills training and charitable works.