We Just Concluded Ohafia Digital Summit, in Abia State Nigeria

OHAFIA ICT/DIGITAL SUMMIT Ohafia, Abia State Niger 2018. was successful held at the Ohafia micro finance bank limited Amaekpu Ohafia, Abia State on 9th-June-2018 by the My Talent Africa Nigerian Team in conjunction with Ohafia Micro Finance Ltd. Through Rtr. Engr. Arua Goodluck E.

It was agreed by the participants to be an annual gathering of African young Talents, entrepreneurs and youths at all stages of business development: business leaders, youth entrepreneurs, mentors, budding entrepreneurs, investors, government officials, to discuss and x-ray the challenges and solutions proffer to youth entrepreneurship and empowerment in Africa. demonstrating My Talent Africa continued efforts and commitment in fostering youth entrepreneurship development and empowerment in Nigeria for sustainable growth and economic development.

OHAFIA ICT/DIGITAL SUMMIT 2018 is themed Raising Selfless successful young African leaders and Entrepreneurs: A Panacea for Unemployment, Economic Growth and Sustainable Development. It is Hosted by the Movement for Talented Young Africans (My Talent Africa resources) with over 50 delegates, exhibitors and 3 speakers. it was be the biggest ICT Entrepreneurship event to be ever hosted in the community of Ohafia Abia State and featured mentorship, conference, summit, networking opportunities, exhibition, and town hall meetings.

OHAFIA ICT/DIGITAL SUMMIT 2018 also empowered some selected youths across the community; 5 youths will receive and Online business funding/business for Website and Digital Marketing tools through Afripoint Networks, 5 youths will receive free business websites, 10 youths will receive mentorship and over 50 youths received special business training/capacity building and a certificate to support start-ups and enable existing youth entrepreneurs boost their respective businesses across the country.

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