We Embacked on A school choir singing songs of awareness in Zambia

 From My Talent Africa Zambia

 A school choir singing songs of awareness on girl child education during the school assembly after seeing the headteacher for a better awareness programmes.
We had games in our area, organized by our activist who is talented in sports. Am yet to send pics for the game as well as some video........

Who is Mundumbu Plantine

 Mundumbu Plantine is a young man and secondary teacher in Zambezi district. He is a physical and sports education and geography teacher and a My Talent Africa activist.
He is one who cares for young people and their healthy. Mr Mundumbu has voluntarily started helping the community through provision of sports.
Upon hearing My talent Africa, he joined and started preaching peace, unity and awareness programs in Nyakuleng'a village.
He is one who has sacrificed to venture his academic profession into helping the people as well as using My talent Africa movement to help create awareness on HIV Aids, Health living style and environmental protection while during football.
 Am very happy to inform this house that, My talent Africa has started in this small community to do its work at a slow rate. But believe you me, we are trying to do out best.

Way toward
My talent Africa Zambia has adopted Nyakuleng'a village in Zambezi district North Western Province to start its charity work such includes awareness, entrepreneurship, skills training especially computer literacy, agriculture, sports etc. It is in this capacity that the idea is extended to helping the aged and disabled eg. Blind and also helping needy pupils in books and pens.
Photos of all evidence will be sent to this platform when all things are in place.
Thank you.
     Sports in Nyakuleng'a Village. A sports coach talking to the world in Lunda language on how they need sports and how they value it.
      This is Nyakuleng'a school in Zambezi district where My talent Africa movement activist have plans for helping this community. The community is rich natural resources such as Minerals, trees etc.