Mbumwae Mapunga: My Talent Africa - Zambia

Ladies and gentle men It is indeed a great pleasure and honor to welcome you all to this World Environment Day celebration. This is a special day that was established by the UN general Assembly in 1972 at the Stockholm Conference on Human Environment and is celebrated every June 5 . It is a day which aims to stimulate worldwide awareness of the environment and encourage political attention and action.
The theme for the year 2018 is “Beat Plastic Pollution”, and is a call for individuals to take charge of their surroundings and realise the severity of using plastic in daily life.
Plastic, which is rampantly polluting our water bodies, harming marine life and posing a threat to human health, has been one of the major concerns of environmental bodies this year. Though a large part of the population depends on plastic for their daily use, nearly one-third of it is not disposed off properly and ends up clogging drains and choking the environment.
Plastic is among of the reasons that also contributed to cholera outbreak in our country recently. The blockage of sewages and presence of stagnant water that alarmed the cholera in many areas affecting the whole system of human development and life was due to plastic pollution and others.
We as African people have a history of using baskets made from grass as well as from trees to carry our food staffs as well as other things. Our forefathers used to get cassava and pumpkin leaves on Nyoma....tree leaves and other traditional carriers. But today every radical African is using plastic and thereafter pollute our roads, schools, homes and makondo rivet.
Plastic can persist in the environment for nearly a thousand years before it fully disintegrates and keeping this in mind, many organisations and governments are always on the lookout for alternatives to tackle this menace.
As My Talent Africa Movement, we have a duty to protect out biodiversity both fauna and flora from plastic pollution.
My talent Africa As Anti-pollution sentinels and Eco police or soldiers, We ask you to have a responsibility in the way you use the plastic. Let us educate every one to be in an environment that is litter free.
 Conclusion......If you can't reuse plastic then refuse it.

Mbumwae Mapunga
Environmental Educator
My Talent Africa Soldier
Motivational Speaker