My Talent Africa

We promote and enhance the capacity of Young Africans internationally to take action against poverty.
We promote and encourage the work done by young Africans in effecting positive change on the continent.
We promote youth education through workshops and seminars, vocational and leadership Training courses.
We facilitate exchange between youths involved in development, by creating a network of exchange.
We further the networks formed by and for young Africans for the development of their continent.
Our vision works with Individuals, associations and groups of youths across the African continent and beyond.
We educate, inform and inspire others to use their power, privilege, skills and abilities to create a better world for current and future generations.
Our Mission

My Talent Africa wants to help young talented people in Africa be the change by encouraging and supporting them to become activists for the promotion of sustainable development, social justice, gender equality, and Digital education for African children and peer groups.

Our Vision

To help make Africa a safer and more developed place for all, including women and children of all ages through the joint efforts of youth's. To recognize the dignity and worth of every person. To pledge compassionate and practical action to challenge and overcome unemploymet among Youths, HIV/AIDS, illiteracy, poverty and injustice.

Our Goals

The way forward is paved with determination, hard work, and togetherness for all African youths exploring meaningful opportunities for our future generation. In partnership with communities in Africa and local organizations, We make a biannual mission trip to remote targeted rural and urban Communities

Our Working Process

Our process on creating awesome Missions.
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    Are you part of an organization helping people be positive, are you dreaming of a better Africa then join us and make yourself heard. Click Here to Become a My talent Africa member

  • 2. Partnership

    Together with you, the change can be effective, the advocacy can go viral, an inclusive Talented youths society can be achieved and child abuse, poverty, Economic crises can be kick out of the society you live. Click Here to Partner with Us.

  • 3. Brand Ambassadors

    We are developing strategic alliance with individuals, private & public organizations from different part of the wold to end inexperience youths in every community, region, state and country. Click Here We urge you to join #My Talent Africa as an ambassador.

  • 4. Donate to Us

    Collaboration is an integral part of our core value. An alliance with your organization to end Unskillful Youths in your region, country, state and community is highly welcome. Click Here We will be glad to work with you.


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    Your Story and Profile can also be shared here!, Become a member of Mytalent Africa today. We A creative Organization that believes in the power of creative ideas and African Youths.

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    President MyTalent Africa a great Leader and ICT Solution Provider.

    Arua Goodluck

    Chairpeson MyTalent Africa Zambia She is extraordinary not ordinary. Gatta life to lead.

    Frezia Chinyama

    Ambasador My Talent Africa Togo, Member, Chalange Aids and Maleria in Africa.

    Hon. Udo Ibeh

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