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        Half-cell Mono Module

        S8-144NT 580~595W

        • Power Output:580~595W
        • Module Efficiency:22.49 %
        • Cell Size:2333x1134x35 mm
        • Weight:27kg
        • Power Output Tolerance: (0,+5 W)
        • Operating Temperature:-40°C~+85°C

        12 Years Product Warranty

        25 Years Power Guarantee


        High Power Output

        ▲ Better light trapping and current collection to improve module power output and reliability

        Outstanding Low Light Performance

        ▲ Higher power output even under low-light environments like on cloudy or foggy days.

        Zero LID (Light Induced Degradation)

        ▲ N-type solar cell has no LID naturally which can increase power generation

        Better Temperature Coefficient

        ▲ Higher power generation under working conditions, thanks to passivating contact cell technology

        PID Resistance

        ▲ Excellent Anti-PID performance guarantee via optimized mass-production process and materials control

        Enhanced Mechanical Load

        ▲ Certified to withstand: wind load (2400 Pascal) and snow load (5400 Pascal)

        Withstanding Harsh Environment

        ▲ Reliable quality leads to a better sustainability even in harsh environment like desert, farm and coastline.