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        Bifacial Double Glass Mono Module

        S9-132GAHT 700~720W

        • Power Output:700~720W
        • Module Efficiency:23.18 %
        • Cell Size:2384x1303x35 mm
        • Weight:38kg
        • Power Output Tolerance: (0,+5 W)
        • Operating Temperature:-40C ~+85°C

        12 Years Product Warranty

        25 Years Power Guarantee


        10%-30% Additional Power Generation

        ▲ 30 years lifespan brings 10-30% additional power generation comparing with conventional P-type module

        No B-O LID

        ▲ Excellent anti-LeTID & anti-PID performance. Low power degradation, high energy yield.

        Excellent Temperature Coefficient

        ▲ Excellent temperature coefficient (Pmax): -0.26%/°C, ensures higher generation in extreme temperature areas

        Outstanding Low Light Performance

        ▲ Higher power output even under low-light environments like on cloudy or foggy days.

        Up To 85% Bifaciality

        ▲ Higher power output and lower BOS cost.

        Enhanced Mechanical Load

        ▲ Certified to withstand: wind load (2400 Pascal) and snow load (5400 Pascal)