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      3. Successful conclusion | A hopeful new starting point GENERA Spain See you again next year

        We are delighted to have had a pleasant three days with everyone at GENERA. This is a special event, as the first stop of Runda Solar's European journey in 2024, we are full of expectations for the Spanish market.


        Wonderful debut! Runda Solar Intersolar South America ended perfectly!

        The 3-day Intersolar SouthAmerica will come to an end today, and Runda Solar has gained a lot from this exhibition. The N-type TOPCon module we exhibited is very attractive, with a conversion efficiency as high as 22.53% and a module power of 700W, which can fully meet the needs of local customers.


        Runda Solar sincerely invites you to participate in the Solar Photovoltaic Exhibition in Sao Paulo, Brazil!

        From August 29th to 31st, the annual Sao Paulo Solar Photovoltaic Exhibition in Brazil is about to kick off! INTERSOLAR SOUTH AMERICA is committed to displaying the latest technologies, products and solutions in the photovoltaic energy storage industry, aiming to promote global renewable energy and sustainable development.


        SNEC2023 | Explosive Shanghai with Unprecedented Glory

        On May 24, the much-anticipated SNEC 16th (2023) Photovoltaic Conference and (Shanghai) Exhibition finally officially kicked off at the Shanghai New International Expo Center.


        Invitation letter enclosed | Focus on Shanghai - SNEC Photovoltaic Exhibition is about to open!

        Here, we once again extend a sincere invitation to all the old and new friends who follow Runda and focus on the photovoltaic industry. We welcome you to visit our exhibition site in person and look forward to meeting you!


        The opening of the SNEC exhibition is coming soon! Free registration for spectator tickets before 5.1!

        The 16th SNEC (2023) International Solar Photovoltaic and Smart Energy (Shanghai) Conference and Exhibition (referred to as "SNEC Photovoltaic Conference and (Shanghai) Exhibition") will be held at Shanghai New International Expo on May 24-26, 2023 The center is grandly held.


        Runda Photovoltaic PV EXPO trip to Tokyo ended successfully!

        The 3-day PV EXPO came to an end in Tokyo today. Runda Photovoltaic presented TOPCon series modules at this exhibition, which attracted many customers. We sincerely thank you for your presence.


        Leading the way in 2023 | Runda Photovoltaic's new year debut in Madrid

        In recent days, the Environmental Protection Energy Exhibition in Madrid, Spain is still in full swing. Runda Photovoltaic has been deeply involved in the European market including Spain for many years, and has...


        Runda participated in the 2022 Brazil Exhibition

        From August 23rd to August 25th local time, the three-day Brazil Solar Photovoltaic Exhibition (Inter solar South America 2022) has been successfully concluded at the Norte Convention and Exhibition Center in Sao Paulo, Brazil.