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      3. Shining South Asia | Pakistan International Solar Energy Exhibition ended successfully!

        On February 29, local time, the three-day Pakistan International Solar Energy Exhibition (SOLAR PAKISTAN) officially came to an end in Lahore, Pakistan's second largest city.


        Walk into Runda|Runda's whole series of single glass modules have obtained TUV Sud's salt spray and ammonia gas certificates

        Under the upsurge of global sustainable development, the installation demand of solar photovoltaic modules is increasing all over the world, and photovoltaic modules can be applied in different places and environments, so the production of solar modules that can adapt to different climatic conditions and different temperatures is also a big challenge.


        Congratulations to Runda Yancheng for winning the title of Top 100 Enterprises

        Today, in order to commend outstanding private enterprises and boost the confidence of private entrepreneurs in their development, Yancheng’s private enterprises “dare to do, dare to venture, dare to act, and dare to pioneer” fertile soil.


        Runda Information | Munich Photovoltaic Exhibition ended successfully

        The 3-day Intersolar Europe Photovoltaic Exhibition ended successfully today! At this exhibition, Runda Photovoltaic once again appeared on the European stage with its new N-type series modules and Power House energy storage system.


        Runda Vanguard|Xinjiang 200,000-kilowatt Photovoltaic Power Generation Project

        The project began to be installed in October 2022, and it took 7 months to successfully land in Xinjiang. The modules used in this project are double-sided double-glass modules of Runda Photovoltaic Taishan series, with a conversion efficiency as high as 21.4%, which can greatly improve the project's profitability.


        Fighting hard, pointing to the future! Runda Photovoltaic 10GW cell project officially started!

        On April 23, the centralized start (completion) of major projects in Jianhu County, Yancheng City, Jiangsu Province and the commencement ceremony of Runda 10GW TOPCon photovoltaic cell project were successfully held.


        About participating in the 2023 Jiangsu Province Photovoltaic Industry Development Symposium

        Today, in order to strengthen the connection between our province's government departments and photovoltaic companies, we will keep abreast of the province's photovoltaic industry chain operations in 2022, existing problems and development plans for 2023.


        "Bright Sword" - three "swordsmen" of energy storage officially unveiled

        Recently, Runda Photovoltaic Energy Storage POWER HOUSE series battery packs officially appeared in Runda Photovoltaic Yancheng Jianhu Production Center, which are 3U low-voltage battery pack (left), energy storage integrated machine (middle) and high-voltage battery pack (right).


        Runda Energy Storage 3U low-voltage battery pack obtained EMC (EN61000), IEC62619, UN38.3, MSDS certification

        In recent years, the scale of investment in the energy storage market has continued to increase, the layout of the industrial chain has been continuously improved, and the global energy storage industry has entered a stage of rapid development.